dinner: (noun) principal meal of the day; origin: 13th century, middle english

Last night, my wife and I went to our favorite restaurant for dinner before seeing what might have been the longest play in history. We always go to this restaurant before plays. It’s our tradition.

Recently, they got a new chef. And the menu changed. It didn’t change that much, but enough that we noticed. They took off 2 of the items that we ordered every time: the wedge salad and the arancini.

When the arancini was gone form the menu, we weren’t that bothered, but they were the best in the city. But then, when the wedge salad was gone… hell hath no fury like people who love wedge salads.

When they took the salad away, my wife and I sent an email to the restaurant. Yep, we were those people. not in a mean way, but more of a “hey, we’re really sad to see this salad go ’cause it’s clearly the best of all your salads, but we will be back soon.” The manager swiftly wrote back, “don’t worry, we will always have the ingredients to make you a wedge salad. Just ask.” So, last night we asked.

Sadly, we were met with, “we can make it, but it will take a long time, it’s not something we like having to do.” We didn’t have time to waste since we were going to see our monthly play. So, we gave in, ordered a different appetizer and our usual entree, which we were more than satisfied ordering.

Until the entree game around. At first, it was good, really good. And then, it wasn’t.

That’s when we decided, this was our last time dining at our favorite restaurant in the city.

Sometimes, things about our lives die. And we have to let them. Like going to your favorite restaurant. You love it, and you want it to be its best. But sometimes, allowing something to go away from your life willingly, with peace and grace, is the greatest thing you can do for yourself. And it goes for your baggage, church, etc. We can’t have something new and wonderful birthed without accepting death first.

So, here’s to death. You old bastard. When it’s time, I’ll let go of my penny and my crap and I will let them go with your passing and welcome the coming of Easter morning.

I want to be an Easter person and I’m okay with some death.

Disclaimer: I am fully aware that dining out is a privilege that we have. Seeing plays once a month with our membership is a privilege. That is not being denied here. Eating out dinner and death are not the same things. 

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