Shelley Donaldson hails from the South and is a graduate of the University of West Georgia, in Carrollton, GA. In 2012 she received her Master’s of Divinity from McCormick Theological Seminary, located in Chicago’s Hyde Park Neighborhood. Shelley has a background in camp and conference ministry spanning from 2001-2013 working for camps in Georgia, Montana, Texas, and Michigan. Shelley is one of the co-founders and co-creators of Creation Lab. Shelley is currently living in Stamford, CT, with her wife and serving as the Associate Pastor for Ministry with Youth and Missional Engagement at First Presbyterian Church of Stamford (or as it’s fondly known in the community, the Fish Church).

Shelley has written children’s stories for Westminster John Knox Press’ Growing in God’s Love: A Story Bible, and was a contributing writer for The Youth Cartel’s Four Views on Pastoring LGBTQ Teenagers: Effective Ministry to Gay, Bi, Trans, Queer, and Questioning Students Among Us. She has been featured on numerous podcasts focusing on her work in youth ministry and working to grow youth leaders in the Church.

You can read her thoughts here or you can check her out on Instagram @scdonaldson or on Twitter @sdt247



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