My name is Shelley. And I went to  seminary (school). Now I work in a church. I get to write, play with art, hang out with teenagers, eat ungodly amounts of pizza, travel to Cuba and all over the US, and watch youtube videos of cats for my job. I think it’s safe to say, I’m winning at life.

I could have coffee placed into an IV. If that was a thing. I am a lover of people. I work for the church; no, I work for God. I know, it’s corny. But that’s for me to live with, not you.

I live in Chicago, IL, with my wife and our ridiculous animals. I’m currently searching for my first ordained call. I’m from the South and pretty proud of it. I like to imagine that I professionally race hamsters in my spare time because we used to literally race them as kids (those poor animals). I’m a co-creator and founder of the Creation Lab, here in Chicago. My wife and I love to travel and collect ugly chickens. So, thanks for reading. I’ll try to make it interesting, but your standards are different than mine. Good luck.


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