Hijacking the Bible

Today in my preaching class we were sent to the library on the third floor of the LSTC building at 55th and South University today. Or rather, the reference section that is PART of the library. I’m a little irked with them at the moment, can you tell? Well, we were sent out to read different commentaries and publications about preaching and topics and what not. I ran into a magazine that was a bit of an old foe for me. We won’t name it here, but it’s pretty well known. There are grate things in there but there are also not so great things in there. It had an article about Twitter.

In that Twitter article it talked about how the Library of Congress had decided to log every and all tweets so that it could preserve the history of the common individual. What? no one needs to know that some woman made her cat a sweater and is thinking about making him a hat. I don’t care and I am pretty sure the generations will care either. Unless they are that interested in the pattern, I am sure they can find it on the internet somewhere. Seriously.

What burned my buns the most was the reference to the Bible. Since saving tweets was a way to keep record of history through the common individual’s eyes, it was just like the Bible.

No its not. You are wrong.

Let me be frank, yes, these were ordinary people who wrote these things. But let’s remember the editing that went into the Bible. There were councils and gatherings as to what should be in the Bible and what should be kept out of it. I mean, the Vatican knew about the scrolls of Judas, and made a huge point to keep them out of the Bible. And I find it no coincidence that from one Gospel to the next Judas gets a little more sinister by each book. Let’s be honest, the Bible is the way it is partly because there were people, namely men, who put it together. So no, twitter is not like the Bible. Please don’t refer to my sacred Scripture in relation to Twitter. I am pretty sure the Jews, Muslims and Mormons would not want you saying that Twitter was as good as their sacred Scriptures. And those comparing it are Christians. Now very up-to-date Christians at that (that is my own opinion, you don’t have to agree with me on that one, but you can).

I’m pretty much over people using the Bible however they want. We’ve been doing it for centuries. When will we learn? Oh, and soldiers, it is not okay to have guns in war that have Bible passages on them to justify killing someone. God doesn’t kill, God smites. Get it right.

And as long as we’re talking about hijacking the Bible, it does not say that “Godliness is next to cleanliness” and it also does not say that “God helps those who help themselves.” Learn to read. I am not joking and I am not making a comment on illiteracy because it is a problem within our society for too many people over the age of 4, I am simply saying, stop being Bible illiterate unless you can back it up. Don’t go throwing around something unless you can catch it when it comes back. Just sayin’.

With that rant out of the way, peace!

Shelley D.

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