Well, this is the first of hopefully many…

Greetings all you bloggers out there. If you found this, I’m not sure as to whether to say good luck or congrats. I will let you choose for yourself, as I am not in the market of taking people’s autonomy from them when it comes to making decisions about how they want to receive something.

This is my blog.

I write for another blog: http://mccormick.edu/wordpress/cure/ which is the McCormick Theological Seminary PC(USA) blog. It’s where I go to school. Yep, I’m in seminary. Hence the Travelling Theologian title (you should have figured that one out on your own by now… if not, I can’t help you). I’m not so much into travelling at the moment. I’m a bit stagnant as far as going physical places. This is the first time in about 6 years that my dogs (you’ll meet them later) and I have stayed in one place for more than 6 months. Insane! We like to get up and go. I don’t commit to much other than God. It’s the ultimate commitment, so why commit to other, worldly things? Yes, I know commitment is a good thing you’re saying, but like with the dogs, we’ll discuss that later. For now, we’re talking about me. And my blog.

It’s not much, just a photo of some John Calvin icons and a greenish background. But it’s blog home.

At the moment I’m finishing up Greek homework and working on some final papers for classes. I’m much more committed to the other blog I write for, as I get paid to write it. This one is simply for my own use. I do have to apply to the rules of “keeping it clean” as my friends like to say when it comes to the other blog.

As this goes along, I don’t feel as though I want to write about myself much, but I probably will, as that is often times how these things go. I’m still trying to understand people’s fascination with these things. Studies have proven that people don’t read blogs all that much anymore. But maybe its for those of us who write them. We write them because we find it cathartic to purge into the great unknown of the vast universe-like internet and maybe someone will see it. The possibilities are endless.

While the possibilities are endless, this posting is not. Peace to all of you out there, whoever you are. And good luck.


~the Travelling Theologian

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