No. 2 What do you provide?

What do people buy when they buy something from you? [Read: What is someone getting when they use your services?]

They’re getting an experience and tools to take with them. They’re getting collaboration and the abilities that come with my experience and history. They are getting creativity and energy for new projects. They are getting an open mind for new ways of doing church with some strong traditional and reformed roots. They are getting programming experience that comes with a love of logistics.

Leave out the easy, repetitive, generic stuff… What are you doing that’s difficult?

Using art to find ways to explore faith and spirituality. Having conversations about what it looks like for a church to die a healthy death. Allowing myself to fail at things so that I can learn from them without disappointing others. Teaching youth that being outspoken abut beliefs and the oppression of people is not only okay, but important.

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