list: (noun) a simple series of words or numerals; origin: germanic origin, first known use 1602

I love lists. They make me feel accomplished. When I create a list, it’s typically a “to do” list. Right now, on my phone are the following lists:

  • Packing List
  • Legal Documents
  • Groceries
  • Reminders
  • Family
  • General To Do

There are also the random lists I keep on sticky notes in my office. Things like, “call X,” or “finish credit card reconciliation.” Then there are the lists I keep in my multiple notebooks. Yo Rocko is waiting for me to adopt the Bullet Point method, but I just can’t drink that Kool-Aid, I’m too all over the place. It’s one reason I love lists.

But there are 2 lists on my computer. I keep them there for a couple of reasons.

1. I always have my computer with me. I love it. So much. I’m a typical person of my generation, I love being connected to everything all the time.

2. Both of these lists pertain to the work which I primarily do on my computer.

I know, you’re wondering, “what are these amazing lists?” The first one is actually a folder titled, Sermon Stuff for Later. It’s the rubber room where my ideas go when I’m working on sermons. If not, like my life, my thoughts are just too scattered. The second one is much more recent. It’s more of my own attempt to learn from my mistakes. It’s called, Things Not to Suck At. It’s a rapidly growing list, and while it seems negative, it’s really about being more positive. Here’s what some of the entries look like:

  • check with youth before planning a fun day
  • always pray, it’s never a bad idea, ever
  • stand your ground, even when you might be completely unpopular
  • don’t have double standards, they suck
  • call home every day when you’re gone
  • tell everyone happy birthday

This list isn’t like the others. It’s not about crossing something off or accomplishing something, it’s about being better. I can’t cross these things off the list, because I don’t want to get lazy. So, this list will continue to grow, I hope. Because we should all be striving to be better.


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