This works better if I write…

How insane is this? I write a blog for my job, and I can’t even keep up with my own on here? Maybe it’s like a famous chef or something; they are fabulous in the kitchen of their four0star Michelin restaurant, but get them at home and they just want take-out. Now, I’m not claiming to have an award winning blog for McCormick, but it’s pretty darn good if I do say so myself. But this one isn’t about McCormick; it’s about me. I know, selfish, right?

Wildlife at the Ranch!

First off, I was in Texas. Yep, you heard it right. I went down to the hill country of Texas. I spent most of May, all of June and a few days in July working for the Crosstrails Ministry at their site, Ebert Ranch. I worked as their Adventure Program Director. I did a lot of work; high ropes, chicken wrangling, nurses’ station, out-camp, cookouts, campfires, etc. It was fun, but sadly, not all things are meant to last. In a nutshell, I left the job. There were just too many other factors that fit in to the equation and I needed to take my leave.So in the end, I asked to be let out of my contract. The directors, Adam and Julie, were sad to see me leave but I think they understood. I was sad to leave an amazing staff, but sometimes you have to take care of yourself first. I have truly missed them.

The view from the deck.

Now, on to other pressing issues: ordination exams, CPE and candidacy. These were some of the things that drew me away from Texas early, but not all of them. First Ordination exams. Those happen in August, right at the end. What do they do? Well, simply put: the goal is to take them, pass them and never have to see them again. Done. Next, we have CPE. Applications finished and in the mail, now, we just have to wait. Lastly, candidacy. This is the part where I write, write, write. And write some more. I’ll post my answers to the soul probing questions as they become available.

Okay friends, that’s all you get right now. One more year of seminary and then into the real world, so let’s see how this goes!

Peace~Shelley D.

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